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The mist fountain uses a high-pressure mist-making system. It sprays purified water in the form of 1-15 microns (0.001mm) fine mist. And this is like natural fog floating in the air, thus makes people feel like being in a fairyland and feeling relaxed.
The large amount of negative ions produced by it can make the air fresh and humid, and change the local microclimate. The mist absorbs heat when it evaporates quickly, thereby achieves the effects of cooling, landscaping, and air purification. Artificial mist fountain is widely used in gardens and environmental landscapes. It mainly for parks, stages, leisure places, fountains and other places. Our high-pressure mist generation system produces very fine mist. So we use it widely in various fountain waterscapes.


1) The outdoor wind resistance of mist fountain is level 2 soft wind.
2) Please check the power supply and water supply before starting the host.
3) The machine must be turned on and drained first to keep the main pipeline clean. Then install the atomizing nozzle.
4) The product has higher water quality requirements, so the water quality requirements must reach the level of direct drinking water. If not, please install a filter system.
5) Cannot operate without water or oil.

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