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what is music water fountain?

Music water fountain is a type of modern fountain. And through programming, the fountains dance with the music.

Usually, lights are added to music water fountain projects to make the projects more effective; however, in the large-scale music water fountain project, It will also be supplemented by projection, laser, etc., which makes the project even more shocking.

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Why choose us?


We have a design team composed of senior fountain engineers, programming engineers, music artists, lighting and water show directors, and special effects experts. Together they worked on the design of the music water fountain project.



Most of the music water fountain suppliers cannot produce their own equipment, but we have a complete equipment production line. The core fountain equipment and control systems are all our self-developed products.



We have an experienced construction team, including electrical experts, civil construction guidance experts, senior technicians, etc. And even in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which is several kilometers above sea level, there is a successful project case.



We all know that in the music water fountain industry, there are no construction standards in many areas, but our team is familiar with the engineering laws, regulations, and standards of various countries, and from project design to subsequent maintenance, it is implemented in accordance with international standards.

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Send Us A Message

How to start working with us?

We need this information from you so our engineers can design the best solution for you:

♦ Types of fountain items.
♦ The location and size of the fountain. (CAD drawings or other documents.)
♦ Water quality. (Sea or fresh water.)
♦ Budget. (if any.)
♦ Voltage and power.
♦ Special requirements. (if any.)

Our Service Process

We provide full service solutions

01 Design

Our design engineers will provide the unique design drawings to our customers within 3 working days after getting the important information from customers. Customers can inquire about design proposals or make requests at any time.

fountain design - The engineer of Huaxin fountain is drawing fountain drawings

02 Visualization

We can animate your fountain design so you can visualize the effect of the fountain, which usually only takes 7-10 business days.

03 Manufacture

Customized production equipment by our own factory, which usually takes 15-30 days. (depending on the size of the musical fountains project)

fountain equipment manufacture

04 Packaging and Shipping

We use sturdy plywood boxes to pack the products. And each equipment is protected with bubble wrap when shipping.

05 Installation & Commissioning

We send engineers to the installation site to give customers the best guidance and assist in completing the installation as soon as possible, which is the most economical. After the on-site installation is complete, our engineers will debug the fountain to bring the most beautiful fountain show to our customers.

06 after-sale warranty

We provide 2 years free warranty and lifetime technical support for musical fountain projects. During the installation process, our engineers also give technical guidance to customers, so that they can handle most of the fountain situation by themselves.

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