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Musical dancing fountain (bridge)

Located on a bridge. (bridge fountain)

Usually a combination of one-dimensional swing nozzles and lights are installed on both sides of the bridge.

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We mainly use stainless steel to build the projects. Under fresh water conditions, we mainly use 304 stainless steel, and under sea water conditions, we use 316 stainless steel. Therefore, the it is not easy to rust, thereby prolonging the service life.

About Design:

1) The customers provide the relevant parameters and specific requirements.
2) our senior engineering design team design the project according to the customer’s requirements and budget. As our team combines local history and humanistic features in the design process, and adds modern aesthetics and technology, so our design adoption rate is as high as 99.8%.

About The Water Shape:

We invest a lot of money every year to develop new equipment products, so we can ensure the novelty and diversity of water shapes. Moreover, we will develop 1-2 patented products every year on average.


Large-scale projects need to use floating row equipment, because the floating row equipment can solve the problem of deep water. It is also known as floating fountain.


A musical fountain service provider integrating large-scale musical fountain projects design, construction and installation.


Blog insights

Adjustable Straight Nozzle

Adjustable straight nozzles are widely used in fountain pools in various occasions. They are necessary nozzles for musical fountains. The nozzles are equipped with spherical joints and the angle of the nozzles can be adjusted. They can be combined into fountains with different effects.


fountain lights fountain light with hole Fountain light with hole Features:A. Thick stainless steel body.B.

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