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Musical dancing fountain (floor)

Musical fountain located in a square. (dry floor fountain/square fountain)

Dry floor fountain is one of the main forms of fountain project. In fact, it is almost the same as the water fountain, but the one of differences is that all the equipment is installed underground, and the water and lights come out from under the stainless steel cover. in addition, the amount of water for the dry-land fountain is limited, therefore, some types of fountains with large water demand cannot be implemented in it, such as ultra-high fountains, and considering safety, such as flame fountains and air explosion fountains cannot be used in this kind of fountain project.

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Common Fountain Types In Dry Floor Fountain:

Multidimensional swing fountains. The solenoid valve running fountains. Laminar jumping jets fountains. Variety flower fountains. Array foam fountains.

Application Scenarios Of Dry Floor Fountain:

It’s suitable for places where people are active, such as squares and parks. Because of its interactive features, they are very suitable for building in these places.


1) People can walk freely on the ground when the dry fountain is not in operation. So this kind of fountain does not take up space.
2) It has interactive features, so people can get close to the fountain.
3) We use scientific underground pipeline and line layout, so the failure rate is extremely low.


A musical fountain service provider integrating large-scale musical fountain projects design, construction and installation.


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Foam Fountain Nozzle

The nozzle of the foam fountain will inhale air when it works, forming a white swollen water body mixed with water and air. When installing this nozzle, the nozzle should be located 3-5 cm below the water surface, and a valve must be installed under each nozzle to adjust the water volume. This kind of fountain is very suitable for installation in hotels, urban road waterscapes and gardens.

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