NEW PROJECT - Musical Fountain Water Show Project Located In GRAND MAJIDI Mall In Erbil, Iraq
Provide A Complete Set Of Fountain Project Solutions.

As a professional fountain design company, we have had the privilege of designing and installing fountains in various locations. From residential backyards to business districts and municipal engineering, our team has been able to create visually stunning and functional fountains that have become the centerpiece of the space they occupy. Click the button, we will take you to view the process of huaxin fountain design with us.

As one of the top fountain companies in China, we have a complete and professional fountain equipment production line and are mainly committed to the research and development and production of CNC fountain equipment. Our 1D and 2D nozzles are well-received by customers from all over the world.

We send engineers to the fountain installation site to give customers the best guidance and assist in completing the installation as soon as possible, which is the most economical. After the on-site installation is complete, our engineers will debug the fountain to bring the most beautiful fountain show to our customers.

360 Fountain Solutions

What Are We Building

A fountain manufacturer integrating R&D and innovation of fountain equipment, customized equipment production, fountain control system development, and musical fountain project design and construction.

CNC Nozzles

Multi-directional drive 2d, Laminar jumping nozzles, etc.

Classic Nozzles

Various shapes of small fountain nozzles.

Fountain Lights

Underwater Lights
Fountain Lights with hole

Fountain Pump

Low-Pressure Fountain Pump & Stainless Steel Fountain Pump.


Creative Team Of Musical Fountains Design:

We have a design team composed of senior fountain engineers, programming engineers, music artists, lighting and water show directors, and special effects experts. Together they worked on the design of the musical fountains project.


Strong R&d And Production Capacity:

We have a complete equipment production line. The core fountain equipment and control systems are all our self-developed products.


Project Construction Experience:

We have an experienced construction team, including electrical experts, civil construction guidance experts, senior technicians, etc. And even in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which is several kilometers above sea level, there is a successful project case.


International Standard:

Our team is familiar with the engineering laws, regulations, and standards of various countries, and from project design to subsequent maintenance, it is implemented in accordance with international standards.