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Water screen movie

Water screen movie is a method of projecting video content onto a specially designed large water screen through a projector. This technology is one of the main forms of large-scale musical dancing fountain shows. Water screen movies are usually built in places with water sources, such as lakes, rivers or large artificial ponds. And the water screen generator spray water from bottom to top at high speed by high-pressure water pumps and special water screen nozzles , and atomize it into a fan-shaped “screen”.



The water screen generator sprays water at high speed from bottom to top through a high-pressure water pump and a special nozzle, and then atomizes the water into a fan-shaped “screen”.

Our water screen foutnain is usually more than 20 meters high and 30-60 meters wide. The screen of the water screen movie has a strong sense of three-dimensionality and space. The characters seem to take off the sky, and integrate with the natural night sky to produce a illusory and dreamy feeling, and plus the laser pattern, so the scene is more grand and magnificent. Water screen movies are suitable for major festival gatherings, large squares, and theme park venues.

1)Huge screen: Generally small water curtains are close to 10 meters in length and width, while large lake water screens can be more than 150 meters in length and 30 meters in height. The night view effect is even better than that of city landmarks. Water screen movies can also use existing waterfalls
2) Shocking visual impact: The water screen movie combines super-powered audio and unpredictable laser beams to form a mirage-like scene, as if to let the audience near the scene experience a mysterious and fantastic wonderland.
3) Wide audience: Water curtain movies can be viewed not only from a close distance, but also from a distance.


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