Riyadh Boulevard City Fountain
Riyadh Season 2021 | Pool Dancing Fountain Project | Project Size: 1000㎡
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Riyadh Boulevard City Fountain was built in anticipation of the Riyadh Season 2021 and is located on the Riyadh Boulevard City. Not only did it attract huge crowds for the Riyadh Season when it was built, but today it is a landmark water feature in the Boulevard City shopping center, where tourists from all over the world come to visit. The project has played a huge role in business prosperity and city building.

Huaxin Fountain-Plan Drawing-Musical Fountain-Riyadh Boulevard, Riyadh Season 2021

Riyadh, the “Garden City” in the desert, is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. This fountain is a symbol of Riyadh will be like a flower with a new vigorous vitality. So the design of the fountain as a whole is in the shape of a flower, where the circular fountains layout for the petals, and the stamen is composed of a central water column and a 2D swinging water column around it.

The project adopts advanced CNC fountain equipment combined with multimedia technology to create a variety of fountain water shapes and colorful lighting, which add to the lively atmosphere of the Riyadh Season. The project is located in the Boulevard Riyadh City, one of the largest areas of the Season, presenting a visual feast for visitors.

Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry the government’s strategic support is in a booming stage. The project not only makes the city more vitality but also promotes the development of Riyadh’s tourism economy. This musical fountain attracts a large number of tourists, and for the neighboring commercial areas, it brings traffic and promotes the development of local tourism, food and beverage, accommodation, and other industries.

Boulevard City Fountain 01
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Boulevard City Fountain
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