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Flame And Water Mixing Fountain

Flame And Water Mixing Fountain

Flame and water mixing fountaincan spray flames while spraying the water column.The flame is in the lower part of the water column, creating a scene of water and fire.The water column generated by the nozzle is surrounded by flames, forming a spectacular scene of water and fire. It has a good ornamental.

①Natural gas and methane are the main fuels.
②Spray height of the flame reaches up to 6 meters.
③Robust stainless steel construction.
④National patent certification.


Parameters of the equipment

Flame And Water Mixing Fountain Nozzle

Material304 stainless steel
Size (mm)920*325*900
Weight (KG) (without water pump)32
Ignition coil voltage (V)220
Ignition coil current (A)1.4
Ignition coil power (W)300
Gas supply solenoid valve voltage (V)220
Gas supply solenoid valve current (A)0.2
Gas supply solenoid valve power (W)50
Supply solenoid valve maximum pressure (mpa)0.8
Pump voltage (V)380
Maximum spray height (m)6
Pipe material304 stainless steel (seamless steel pipe)
Pipe sizeMain pipe size is determined by site conditions


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