Multi-Directional Drive 1D

Our multi-directional drive 1D’s reducer adopts 304 integrated precision casting. The entire reducer body is formed at one time. The worm, worm gear installation part, and motor assembly flange are formed by CNC one-time clamping processing, which avoids the traditional way of the body The components are composed of different degrees of misalignment and different axes due to processing accuracy and assembly coordination, which fully guarantees the accuracy and waterproof performance of the reducer.


Parameters of Multi-directional Drive 1D

Material304 stainless steel
Nozzle diameter (mm)DN50
Length * width * height (mm)360*280*200
Net weight (Kg)12.5
Reduction ratio1970-01-01 01:10:00
Stepper motor voltageAC55V-70V
Stepper motor power300W
Stepper motor phase numberTwo phase
Stepper motor maximum torque8 (N.M)
Sensor voltageDC24V
Sensor line color separationBrown-24V blue-GND black-return signal
Stepper motor line color separationRed-A+ Green-A-Yellow-B+ Blue-B-
Recommended stepper motor mounting cableJHS 4*2.5mm2
Recommended sensor mounting cablePVVP 3*1.0mm2


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