Our multi directional drive 1d’s reducer adopts 304 integrated precision casting. The entire reducer body is formed at one time. The worm, worm gear installation part and motor assembly flange are formed by CNC one-time clamping processing, which avoids the traditional way of body The components are composed of different degrees of misalignment and different axes due to processing accuracy and assembly coordination, which fully guarantees the accuracy and waterproof performance of the reducer.

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Rotatable fine-tuning base installation design. The base of A adopts the arc-shaped hole fixing design, and cooperates with the installation bottom plate, which can be used to fine-tune the angle of the nozzle when the fountain is installed.
①Robust stainless steel construction.
②High quality stepper motor.
③Smooth swing of the nozzle.
④High sensitivity signal line probe.
⑤Nozzles can be customized for different water shapes.
⑥Can be controlled via DMX.
⑦National patent certification.

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