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Fountain In Zhanaozen Central Park

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Musical Fountain In Zhanaozen Central Park, Kazakhstan

Musical Fountain In Zhanaozen Central Park, Kazakhstan

The musical fountain project located in the Central Park of Zanauzin, Kazakhstan. There are three pools, including two 24*8-meter pools and one 24*18-meter pool. And the fountain covers a total area of 844 square meters.

Project NameMusical Fountain In Zhanaozen Central Park, Kazakhstan
Countries and RegionsZhanaozen City, Kazakhstan
Project Cost100-150 thousand us dollars
Fountain TypePool Fountain
Floor Space843.2m² (one pool: 24.8*18meters, 2 pools: 24.8*8meters)
Water Show ContainsA. Central Jet.
B. Peacock Tail Jet.
C. Running Jet.
D. Rotatry Jet.
E. Underwater Light System.
F. Sound System.
Custruction Period2020.9.25-2020.10.20


Item No.Item NameDescriptionQuantityUnit
1NozzlesStainless Steel224Pcs
2Underwater LightStainless Steel Shell265Sets
3Submersible PumpStainless Steel26Sets
4Outdoor All-weather Waterproof SpeakersProfessional Level4Sets
5Soft Starter & ConverterKEWO26Sets
6Customized Water PipeStainless Steel114M
7CableWaterproof Level6230M
8Control CabinetCustomized5Sets
9Total Power121KW



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Basic information required for the overall planning of the water fountain

According to statistics from relevant parties, more than 75% of the completed waterscape fountain projects did not operate normally according to the original plan, not only did not beautify the environment, but instead became a source of environmental pollution, causing great waste. The reason for this is that in the design stage, only local detail design was emphasized, and there was no macro overall planning and design, and the principle issues that must be considered in the initial stage, such as the safety, environmental protection, and energy saving of the water fountain, were not considered.

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