Musical Dancing Fountain Equipment Manufacturer

Huaxin focuses on fountain equipment production. Combining CNC technology and multimedia technology, we uphold a scientific and advanced idea, ensuring that every Huaxin product carries high-quality genes.

Popular Equipment (CNC Equipment)

From initial product design to raw material control, from accessory processing to product assembly and testing, every material selection, process optimization, and quality control, we ensure that the entire process of 16 phases is delivered to the highest standards.

1D Multi-Directional Drive (Regular version)

1D Multi-Directional Drive (Upgraded version)

2D Multi-Directional Drive (Regular version)

2D Multi-Directional Drive (Upgraded version)

CNC Variable Nozzle (Regular version)

CNC Variable Nozzle (Upgraded version)

Rotating Flower Basket Nozzle

Air Explosion Fountain Device

Flaming Fountain Device

Water And Flame Mixing Fountain Device

Laminar Fountain Jets

Jumping Fountain Jets

Commonly Used Equipment

Underwater Light


Ring Light


Recessed Underground Light


Wall Washer Light


Low Voltage Fountain Pump


Fountain Pump (Regular version)


Water Screen Nozzle

Other Equipment


Other Equipment

Cold Mist Host

Other Equipment

Why Choose Us

Because we’re not just about fountains; we’re about creating unforgettable experiences. When you choose Huaxin, you choose quality, innovation, and a dedicated team that doesn’t just meet your expectations – we exceed them.

Creative Team Of Design

You'll have at your disposal a design team filled with senior fountain engineers, programming engineers, music artists, lighting and water show directors, and special effects experts. Together, they contribute their diverse expertise to the design of your fountain projects.

Strong R&d And Production Capacity

You will experience a complete equipment production line when partnering with us. The core fountain equipment and control systems you'll be using are all products of our innovation and development.

Project Construction Experience

You'll benefit from the expertise of our seasoned construction team, which includes electrical experts, civil construction guidance specialists, and senior technicians, among others. They've proven their capabilities with successful projects in challenging environments

International Standard

You can rest assured that our team is well-versed in the engineering laws, regulations, and standards of various countries. From project design to subsequent maintenance, everything is executed in line with international standards.

Factory Tour

Huaxin Art Fountain Factory is a comprehensive fountain enterprise. Our business includes the research and development of fountain equipment, the design and installation of water show projects, and the operation and maintenance of fountain projects, etc.

Professional Team

  • A legal team familiar with the laws and regulations of various engineering projects, as well as an experienced international project management team.
  • A professional design team composed of experienced project designers and animation producers.
  • A construction team composed of electrical engineers, mechanical installation experts, and experienced fountain installation personnel.
  • Professional programming engineers and visual effects team.


Our portfolio is a testament to our ability to turn our clients’ dreams into reality. Over the years, we’ve worked on numerous bespoke fountain project schemes that reflect our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.

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Saudi Arabia


Riyadh Boulevard, Riyadh Season

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Bismillah Housing Scheme, Lahore

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Grand Majidi Mall, Erbil

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Saudi Arabia


Jeddah Season 2022

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Dai Nhat Lake, Ho Chi Minh City

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Wetland Park, Renshou County

Our clients trust us

Clients trust Huaxin Fountain for our dedication to quality, innovative bespoke designs, and comprehensive service. Our reliability in delivering superior fountain solutions across the globe consolidates this trust and fuels our reputation in the international market. Check out the glowing reviews from our contented clients who have experienced the Huaxin advantage firsthand.

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