underwater fountain lights

Thick stainless steel light body, not easy to rust.
Adjustable rotating design.
Tempered glass cover, explosion-proof, wear-resistant, and good light transmission.
Waterproof rating: IP68

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Model: HX-UL145G

LED underwater fountain lights

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The LED underwater fountain light comes with high-quality stainless steel housing and a holder. And these lights have temperature regulation and overheating protection so that wet and dry installation is possible.


· With mounting bracket and fine adjustment function.

· Multiple waterproof designs, a built-in waterproof drive.

· Integrated optical lens.

· Wet and dry installation – Waterproof IP 68.

· Explosion-proof tempered glass cover.


ModelRated PowerVoltageDimensionWeight
HX-UL145G-6*1W6WAC/DC12 AC/DC24 AC220Φ145*145mm1.2kg
HX-UL145G-9*1W9WAC/DC12 AC/DC24 AC220Φ145*145mm1.2kg
HX-UL145G-12*1W12WAC/DC24 AC220Φ145*145mm1.2kg
HX-UL145G-4*3W12WAC/DC24 AC220Φ145*145mm1.2kg
HX-UL145G-6*3W18WAC/DC24 AC220Φ145*145mm1.2kg
HX-UL145G-9*3W27WAC/DC24 AC220Φ145*145mm1.2kg

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