Water Screen Movie

Water screen movie is a method of projecting video content onto a specially designed large water screen through a projector. This technology is one of the main forms of large-scale musical dancing fountain shows. Water screen movies are usually built in places with water sources, such as lakes, rivers or large artificial ponds. And the water screen generator spray water from bottom to top at high speed by high-pressure water pumps and special water screen nozzles , and atomize it into a fan-shaped “screen”.

Jumping Fountain

Laminar flow jumping fountain is a kind of fountain that sprays water into glass under pressure. First, the water enters the laminar jumping fountain equipment through the water inlet. And then enters the filter. Finally sprayed from the water jet to form a glass rod-shaped arched fountain. This transparent water column is very ornamental. It is different from the laminar flow fountain in that there is a cutting device in the equipment. The stepper motor drives the baffle of the cutting device to move, thereby cutting the continuous water column into segments, as if the water column is beating, so this fountain It’s called jumping fountain.