24V DC Fountain Pump-HX-4DP5

Model: HX - 4DP5

24V DC Fountain Pump

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Product Introduction Of 24v Dc Fountain Pump:

24V DC fountain pump is a safe submersible pump powered by DC21-60V, which complies with the requirements of building electrical installations, special installations or places, electrical design codes for civil buildings, and the voltage requirements of equipment in related projects.

According to customer needs, the driver of the product is equipped with DMX512 communication interfaces, analog voltage interfaces, etc., which is convenient to control the running speed of the motor, so as to control the flow rate and head change of the water pump. In the fountain project, the 24V DC fountain pump can be directly connected to the fountain control system and the lighting control system for speed regulation, without the need for a frequency converter.


· ISO9001 and CE certification.

· The shell, impeller, and other components are made of stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316, which has a longer life than traditional plastic materials.

· The production cycle is short, and orders within 100 sets usually only take 2 days to complete.

· Waterproof IP 68.

· The switching power supply has the functions of short circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection and overheat protection.

· The overall size is small, the installation is convenient and the quality is more reliable.

· Our after-sales accessories are complete and can quickly solve problems for customers.

parameters ( HX-4DP5 ) :

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