Adjustable Straight Nozzle

Adjustable straight nozzles are widely used in fountain pools in various occasions. They are necessary nozzles for musical fountains. The nozzles are equipped with spherical joints and the angle of the nozzles can be adjusted. They can be combined into fountains with different effects.


Parameters of the equipment

Connect sizePressure(kpa)Flow(m3/h)Spray(m)W(g)Material
DN1515-650.3-1.51.0-4.080304Stainless Steel
DN2015-801.0-3.01.0-5.0130304Stainless Steel
DN2550-1002.0-4.03.0-6.0180304Stainless Steel
DN4050-1503.0-6.03.0-7.0482304Stainless Steel
DN5050-2005.0-8.03.0-8.0770304Stainless Steel
DN6570-25010.0-25.03.5-15.02200304Stainless Steel
DN8070-33010.0-40.03.5-20.02930304Stainless Steel
DN10080-40010.0-60.03.5-25.012900304Stainless Steel


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