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According to statistics from relevant parties, more than 75% of the completed waterscape fountain projects did not operate normally according to the original plan, not only did not beautify the environment, but instead became a source of environmental pollution, causing great waste. The reason for this is that in the design stage, only local detail design was emphasized, and there was no macro overall planning and design, and the principle issues that must be considered in the initial stage, such as the safety, environmental protection, and energy saving of the water fountain, were not considered.

Basic information required for the overall planning of the water fountain

  1. Meteorological data:

Light, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind, wind direction;

  1. Water source information:

Quantity and water quality data of ground and groundwater such as rivers, reservoirs, ponds, and wells;

  1. Topographic and geological data:

Hydrogeology, engineering geology (geotechnical, settlement, etc.), building and tree distribution data;

  1. Human History:

History, celebrities, culture, specialties, etc.;

  1. Socioeconomic:

Famous local enterprises, production value, per capita income, per capita consumption level, etc.;

  1. Local development and construction planning:

Near-term and long-term.


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