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Mushroom Fountain Nozzle

Mushroom fountain nozzles are made of high-grade stainless steel or full copper with strong corrosion resistance. Due to the function of the baffle above the nozzle, the water shape is mushroom-shaped when the water is discharged. The nozzle can be independent or combined into a scene, and the lighting effect is better. It is very suitable for parks, amusement parks, hotels and other places.

Parameters of the equipment

Connection sizepressure (kpa)Water spray volume (m³/h)Spray height (m)Cover diameter (m)Weight (g)Material
DN1515-301.10.20.3124Stainless Steel 304
DN2015-301.50.250.5228Stainless Steel 304
DN2520-3520.30.6306Stainless Steel 304
DN4020-5530.41485Stainless Steel 304


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