Foam Fountain Nozzle

The nozzle of the foaming fountain will inhale air when it works, forming a white swollen water body mixed with water and air. When installing this nozzle, the nozzle should be located 3-5 cm below the water surface, and a valve must be installed under each nozzle to adjust the water volume. This kind of fountain is very suitable for installation in hotels, urban road waterscapes, and gardens.


Parameters of the equipment

Connect sizePressure(kpa)Flow(m3/h)Spray(m)Span(m)W(g)Material
DN1550-1001.5-30.15-0.30.1-0.2135304 Stainless Steel
DN2050-1002-50.2-0.350.15-0.3135304 Stainless Steel
DN2550-1003.5-80.3-0.50.2-0.4240304 Stainless Steel
DN4050-10010-180.4-0.80.3-0.5425304 Stainless Steel
DN5060-15017-250.4-0.80.3-0.6600304 Stainless Steel


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