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The fountain system is an advanced scientific and technological achievement, which integrates music control, program control and artificial intelligence control technology. The host computer is a multimedia industrial PC or a computer musical fountain main controller, which can realize real-time sound control throughout the process. It enables the musical fountain to change the shape of water following the music melody under the control of the computer.

It can be applied to large square musical fountains, lake fountains, landscape fountains and so on.

1) PLC control system: This system adopts pre-edited programs, which can periodically cycle or randomly change various water forms.
2) Running fountain control system: Running fountain is a dynamic water shape produced by controlling a series of nozzles by opening and closing solenoid valves in turn under the command of the computer musical fountain main controller. The controller of the running fountain can change dozens of water forms, and can change the speed.
3) Computer control system: It is an integrated system composed of a computer musical fountain master controller and several computer fountain controllers.
4) Computer-managed control system: It is an integrated system composed of a multimedia industrial PC as the upper station, and several computer fountain controllers and running fountain controllers as the lower station.

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