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The Main Way Of Fountain Control

fountain control

The Main Way Of Fountain Control

Manual Control

Manual control is the simplest fountain control method, and is mainly used on fountains with fixed shapes.
Principle: By setting a manual switch on the power supply circuit of the fountain actuator, the operation and stop of the fountain equipment are controlled.

Program Control

This kind of fountain changes cyclically or remains unchanged through the operating state preset by the controller.
Applicable environment: some environments that require quiet, such as hotel lobbies, gardens and residential quarters.
Advantages: The cost is relatively low, and it is suitable for small-scale fountains.

Clock Control

Clock control is also a commonly used control method in fountain control.
The main form:
A. Use the programmable controller to automatically cycle according to the preset program, and change the lights according to time, control the switch of the submersible pump, and control the on-off of the solenoid valve, so as to coordinate the lighting and the shape of the fountain.
B. Use electronic program controller to control light and water pump, and this program controller can set the time length arbitrarily.
C. Directly use time relays, intermediate relays and contactors to control lights, water pumps and solenoid valves.
Compare these three forms:
A. Programmable controllers are the most flexible but more expensive.
B. The price of the electronic program controller is slightly lower but the time adjustment range is limited.

Music Control

A. Real-time music control
This fountain control method is suitable for some live singing occasions.
Principle: Through the real-time collection and analysis of live music signals, the shape of the fountain can be controlled to change with the music rhythm, music frequency and signal strength.
B. Expert System
According to the understanding of music, experts arrange different fountain shapes and movements with the development of music, so that the change of fountain shape can reflect the connotation of music.


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